Improved Scheme of ECC and as Intrusion Detector

Journal: GRENZE International Journal of Engineering and Technology
Authors: Sangamkumar G H, Shreenivas P Gudi
Volume: 3 Issue: 3
Grenze ID: 01.GIJET.3.3.180 Pages: 231-235


This paper explains the Improved Version of ECC and its Application as Intrusion detector. ECC works well for secure encryption methods. It is faster than the RSA because ECC uses smaller key sizes for equivalent security. For the design of ECC, the message encoding is done before modifying or hiding data. ECC can modify a point but not the data. The data to coordinate and coordinate to data are main functions in ECC. The paper defines Koblitz’s, Menezes-Vanstone Encryption/Decryption method to represent a message to a coordiantor and vice-versa. The paper also describes and implementation of proposed protocol using Koblitz’s and Menezes-Vanstone Encryption/Decryption Schemes and Application as Intrusion Detector for data saving.