A Survey of the Challenges and Opportunities towards Next Generation 5G Technology

Journal: GRENZE International Journal of Engineering and Technology
Authors: Santosh M Nejakar, P G Benakop, Sharanabasappa R R
Volume: 3 Issue: 3
Grenze ID: 01.GIJET.3.3.133 Pages: 165-174


5G networks lies in providing, enormously low latency, growth in base station capacity, and significant improvement in users’ perceived quality of service (QoS), compared to current 4G LTE networks. This paper finds several developing technologies which will modify and define the future generations of wireless communication standards. Some of these technologies are at present creating their way into standards such as 3GPP LTE, while others are still in development. This survey provides an overview of wireless communications, reviews and recent contribution to the state-of the- art, additionally, we Will look at most of the relevant research challenges that these new technologies to be addressed in the future.