Study on Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors and its Change in Dielectric Loss due to the Effect of End Connection Quality

Journal: GRENZE International Journal of Engineering and Technology
Authors: ShivakumaraSwamy R, R.Prakash, K. N Ravi, Sunil kumar A V
Volume: 3 Issue: 3
Grenze ID: 01.GIJET.3.3.123 Pages: 159-164


This paper presents the results of the dielectric properties and zinc sprayed ends quality on electrodes of self healing metallized polypropylene capacitors. Zinc sprayed metal end connections of metallized film capacitors are the weak link for pulse power applications which involve discharge times of tens of microseconds and less. This problem will only get worse with increased capacitor energy density. The present contribution quantifies the relationship between the ‘‘quality’’ of the end connection and dielectric loss of the capacitor winding. The analysis suggests that even for very poor end connections, the effect on dielectric loss of the total capacitor is relatively small. This makes a low stress production test for end connection qualityproblematic since such tests can only show the totalcapacitor dissipation factor resulting from various factors.