UPQC in Alleviation of PQ issues with Islanding and Reconnection for Micro-grid Applications

Journal: GRENZE International Journal of Engineering and Technology
Authors: Sharmila R. S, Sunitha N. S, Aparna B R, Harshitha M R
Volume: 3 Issue: 3
Grenze ID: 01.GIJET.3.3.77 Pages: 100-106


Due to Immense employment of electronics equipment/gadgets quality of power has turned into essential and important factor. The conventional devices or equipment is not sufficient to increase the power quality. The UPQC is the modern method to improving the quality of power and furthermore it attends simultaneously voltage deformity and current deformity. In this paper new FACTs (flexible Alternating current Transmission) circuit termed as UPQC (unified power quality conditioner) is designed and developed to recompose the voltage and current imperfections. The two different controlling method are implemented. The sag as well as swells of voltage along with current harmonic compensation are shown. The micro-grids are interconnection of renewable resources available at distribution end. Micro -grids can be regulated in three different forms, they are grid connected mode, autonomous mode and micro generation mode .The battery system is conceited to DC-link for supplying real power in the micro-grid. The new controlling method is employed for the integration and control of quality in distribution generation based micro-grid system.