Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for Removing High Concentration of Iron in Drinking Water Sources

Conference: International conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction
Author(s): Lakshmy A Kumar, Meera V Year: 2016
Grenze ID: 02.SDEC.2016.1.4 Page: 25-30


Iron can be removed from drinking water by advanced oxidation process (AOP) especially when the concentration of the metal is high and variable. The study focusses on the oxidation of iron using UV lamp of 8 watts and H2O2 in 1:1 proportion with the iron concentration present in water. Operating parameters investigated are iron concentration and reaction time. Experiments were conducted with tap water spiked with iron concentrations from 0.3 -10 mg/l. The results shows that iron can be brought down to the IS limits using AOP, provided proper contact time is given. For concentrations of range 0.3- 1, 1-5 and 5-10 mg/l, the time required for attaining the permissible limits prescribed by IS 10500 2012 is 30 minutes, 90 minutes and 180 minutes respectively. This study reveals that AOP is an efficient method that can be adopted for treating water high in iron and to bring down its concentration to potable limits.


SDEC - 2016