Behaviour of Square Model Footing on Sand Reinforced with Woven Coir Geotextiles

Conference: International conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction
Author(s): Dharmesh Lal, N Sankar, S Chandrakaran Year: 2016
Grenze ID: 02.SDEC.2016.1.501 Page: 9-15


This paper presents the results of laboratory model tests carried out on square footings supported on woven coir geotextile reinforced sand beds. The influence of various parameters such as depth of reinforcement, length and number of layers of reinforcement were studied. On the whole, the results indicate that up to four fold increase in strength and about eighty percent reduction in settlement can be obtained by providing two or more layers of reinforcement. The optimum value for depth of reinforcement was found to be 0.25 times the width of foundation. It was also found out that bearing capacity does not proportionately increase with length and number of layers of reinforcement. There exist an optimum layout of placement of geotextile.


SDEC - 2016