A Comprehensive Measurement Placement Method for Power System State Estimation

Conference: Fifth International Conference on Advances in Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Engineerin
Author(s): Rakesh J Motiyani, Ajitsinh R Chudasama Year: 2016
Grenze ID: 02.EMIE.2016.5.5 Page: 48-54


Power System State Estimators requires a set of redundant measurements. The meter placement problem involves selection of number, type and place of meters. The main objective in designing a metering scheme is to satisfy cost, accuracy, observability and bad data processing requirements for power system state estimators. This paper presents a comprehensive method using graph theoretic approach to solve the problem of measurement placement for power system state estimators. The measurement configuration on IEEE 30 bus system is presented. The suggested technique ensures reliable and accurate estimation of state variables at lower cost.


EMIE - 2016