The ASVI - Assistance System for Visually Impaired

Conference: Fifth International Conference on Advances in Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Engineerin
Author(s): Arvind Prasad, H Govindsingh, Hari Krishnan.R, C.N.Ravi Year: 2016
Grenze ID: 02.EMIE.2016.5.514 Page: 35-39


The ASVI- Assistance system for visually impaired incorporates the use of a mobile robot obstacle avoidance system as an assisting device for the visually impaired. During operation the mobile robot moves in front of the user at a prefixed distance and guides the user through auditory signals. Just as electronic signals are sent to a mobile robot’s motion control system, auditory signals can guide the visually impaired around the obstacle. An Android phone is used to provide the direction to the destination from the current location of the user. The user can steer the mobile robot to the desired direction as per the navigation from the phone manually with the help of a hand held joystick. The robot’s obstacle avoidance system will steer the robot avoiding obstacles safely.


EMIE - 2016