Stable Network Formation by Efficient Clustering of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network

Conference: Second Joint International Conferences on Control System and Information Technology
Author(s): Ashay Jadhav, Sumedha Sirsikar Year: 2018
Grenze ID: 02.CSIT.2018.2.511 Page: 30-37


The Wireless sensor nodes are small electronic devices capable to do certain\nduties like sensing, processing and communicating data. They are usually deployed in severe\nenvironments for the applications such as disaster management, combat field survey,\nsecurity surveillance, etc. Energy constraint is one of the most significant challenges in\nWireless Sensor Networks. Sensors are battery powered devices and the replacement of the\nbatteries can be expensive and difficult and sometimes impossible in some cases. Node\nmobility is the chief cause of drainage of energy, the disconnection between nodes and thus\nthe instability of the whole network.\nThus, it is necessary to design protocols to make the efficient use of available energy in the\nnodes and to acquire complete operability. This problem can be solved to some extent by\nclustering of the sensor nodes. This paper proposes an approach which takes the mobility of\nthe node and the link strength into account in order to form clusters and also uses fuzzy\nlogic rules to establish cost efficient routing path from source to destination for data\ntransmission. This approach is then compared with previous clustering algorithms for\nmobile nodes and performance evaluation is presented.


CSIT - 2018