Efficient and Effective PageRank for Custom Search Engines using In-Page Semantic Ranking

Conference: Second Joint International Conferences on Control System and Information Technology
Author(s): Leena Giri G, Manjula S. H, Venugopal K. R Year: 2018
Grenze ID: 02.CSIT.2018.2.508 Page: 26-29


Custom search engines are search engines that websites offer to search through\nthe content of their own website. The link structure that we observe on the web is not\nsimilar to the link structure of a single website. In an individual website, the many links\nbetween pages aid easy navigation and increase accessibility while not indicating the quality\nor the importance of the pages they point to. Using In-Page Semantic Ranking to filter the\nlinks results in a much smaller network graph with less edges to process than the original\ngraph and is extremely efficient in getting rid of dubious links which are not useful or\ncalculating the quality of pages since In-Page Semantic Ranking allows tuning based on the\nsemantic structure of a website.


CSIT - 2018