Detection of Auditory Response in Human Brain using EEG

Conference: Second Joint International Conferences on Control System and Information Technology
Author(s): Aisha Ali, Akhilesh R, Bharath Krishna, Kavya Subramanian, Venugopal G Year: 2018
Grenze ID: 02.CSIT.2018.2.504 Page: 7-12


EEG alpha-band activity generally represents inhibitory state related to\ndecreased attention and plays a role in suppression of task-relevant information. Here we\nuse EEG for a whole-brain analysis to study the effects of pre-stimulus alpha activity on\nevent based BOLD give an auditory response and filter out the alpha region from EEG.\nMany methods have already been used but we change the filters and try to incorporate\naccuracy, precision. The detection of alpha can analyze the active region of the brain.


CSIT - 2018