Computer Aided Detection of Lung Cancer using Image Processing Techniques

Conference: Second Joint International Conferences on Control System and Information Technology
Author(s): Brunda S, Rajaram M Gowda Year: 2018
Grenze ID: 02.CSIT.2018.2.503 Page: 1-6


In recent years, the image processing techniques are commonly used in medical\nareas that improves early detection and treatment stages. Time is an important factor in the\ndiscovery of any disease in a patient, especially cancer tumors like lung cancer, brain cancer\nand so on. Lung cancer being the most common cause of death amongst people throughout\nthe world, in this study lung cancer detection system is developed using image processing\ntechniques. Early detection of cancer using image processing technique can enhance\npatients chance for survival. This paper presents a computer aided classification method,\nusing Computed Tomography (CT) images of lung, based on two classifiers, viz., KNN KNearest\nNeighbor and SVM- Support Vector machine. In this study, preprocessing and\nsegmentation is performed using morphological operations like dilate and erosion. The\nGLCM extracted features are used for classification process.


CSIT - 2018