Enhancement of Network Lifetime using Fuzzy based Cluster Head Selection Algorithm

Conference: International Conference on Soft Computing Applications in Wireless Communication
Author(s): Kirandeep Kaur, Ameeta Seehra Year: 2017
Grenze ID: 02.SCAWC.2017.1.555 Page: 420-425


The lifetime of a network is the time for which the nodes are active in a wireless sensor network. To enhance the\nlifetime of the network, an efficient method for cluster head selection using fuzzy logic is presented in this paper. The\nalgorithm presented uses a fuzzy logic which considers residual energy of node, throughput of node and distance from the\nsink as the parameters for selection of node to become a cluster head. The membership function of output parameter,\nprobability of becoming a CH can be found out with the different combinations of the three input variables.


SCAWC - 2017