Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System for Fading Channels

Conference: International Conference on Soft Computing Applications in Wireless Communication
Author(s): Harkirandeep Kaur, Kuldeepak Singh Year: 2017
Grenze ID: 02.SCAWC.2017.1.547 Page: 379-385


The combination of Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and multiple input multiple output\n(MIMO) is maintain the Air Interface for broadband wireless systems. MIMO-OFDM increase the capity and the\nperformance of the system. frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) scheme, which is used as a digital multicarrier\nmodulation method. The paper is designed at estimation the BER performance of the MIMO -OFDM system for AWGN\n(Additive White Gaussian Noise) Channel, Rayleigh Fading Channel along with a simulation channel. MIMO-OFDM\ncommunication systems using Space-Time Block Coding . MIMO-OFDM with STBC (space time bock coding)has excellent\nperformance against multipath and frequency selective fading .The process is repetitive until all MIMO-OFDM symbols are\nrecovered. MIMO-OFDM is a key technology for future generation cellular communication ,wireless LAN, wireless PAN\nand broadcasting.BPSK modulation is used and it is detect the behaviour of rayleigh fading channel .The adiction of\nequalizer reduces the BER(bit error rate).The performance of the system is calculated in terms of BER Versus SNR.


SCAWC - 2017