An Approach to Study the Applications of Soft Computing

Conference: International Conference on Soft Computing Applications in Wireless Communication
Author(s): RavneetKaur, SukhjeetKaur, HarminderKaur Year: 2017
Grenze ID: 02.SCAWC.2017.1.509 Page: 203-208


Applications of soft computing using neural networks has been demonstrated. Soft computing found its\napplications in various fields such as management of power, energy harvesting, SPV system tracking, and management of\ninformation security, wireless sensor networks, antenna and FSO. Powerful Soft computing techniques have been used to\nsolve non-linear problems of conventional power tracking by using artificial neural network. Software Defined networks has\nbeen used to provide information security management through fuzzy logic. Soft-computing localizations have been used to\nsolve the problem of routing and reliability in wireless sensor networks. These techniques utilize a strong effective machine\nto improve the accuracy of estimation. Digital beam forming techniques are used to develop smart antenna. In this paper,\ndetailed description of SPV system is shown and we will be discussing how soft computing techniques are used for power\nmanagement. Here we describe the effect of neural network on FSO link performance.


SCAWC - 2017