Implementation of a Two-Way Communication Link on Optical Fiber-Free Space Photonics System used in Beam Bridge

Conference: International Conference on Soft Computing Applications in Wireless Communication
Author(s): Divnoor Kaur, Baljeet Kaur Year: 2017
Grenze ID: 02.SCAWC.2017.1.7 Page: 38-42


In this paper, a two-way communication link is implemented on optical fiber (OF) cable and free-space photonics\n(FSP) for the outdoor applications like beam bridge. Beam Bridge’s condition is monitored using a uniform fiber-Bragggrating.\nIn case the beam bridge is damaged, the signal propagation will be diverted from OF link to FSP link to restore the\ncommunication. A BER (Bit Error Rate) of value 0 (close to an ideal system) and a Quality (Q) factor of value 239.581 has\nbeen achieved.


SCAWC - 2017