Real-time Low Latency Data Processing using STM

Conference: Creative Trends in Engineering and Technology
Author(s): Ryan Saptarshi Ray, Prasun Bhattacharjee, Utpal Kumar Ray, Parama Bhaumik Year: 2016
Grenze ID: 02.CTET.2016.1.509 Page: 297-303


Software transactional memory (STM) is an approach to solve the synchronization problems in parallel programs\nin a most elegant way. It allows end-users or developers to very easily handle threads and shared memory. In this paper\nwe have compared performances of STM and lock implementations using C codes. Capital Market Surveillance is one of\nthe prime sectors where real time processing is required. The data on which real time processing is required is enormous\nin size. We have chosen three use cases from real world stock market and implemented them using STM as well as lock\nmethodologies using C codes to compare their performances.


CTET - 2016