Study of Indian Classical Ragas Yaman and Todi Structure and its Emotional Influence on Human Body for Music Therapy

Conference: Creative Trends in Engineering and Technology
Author(s): A.A.Bardekar, Ajay.A.Gurjar Year: 2016
Grenze ID: 02.CTET.2016.1.516_1 Page: 191-195


Indian classical musical maestros affirmed that, ragas influences emotions of human being by changing the\nresonance of human body.Ragas like kanada, khamaj and pooriya defuses mental tension. Raga miya-malhar pacifies anger,\nexcitement and mental instability, Raga jaijaivanti have also been pound effective in curing mental disorders and calming the\nmind. Although it is require to verify this raga correlation systematically. By survey, it has been seen that no schemes have\ndemonstrated yet. The proposed research presented in this paper is aimed to discover the science behind phonetics of raga\nstructure and its effects on nerve system. This research is one step to explore scientifically the ancient way of alternative\nmedicine i.e. raga therapy, which is a need of the day since current advances in technology and rising workload on human\nbeing is accompanied by stress. This research focuses on to study the influence of Indian classical ragas structure on human\nbody while person is listening and experiencing an emotion in it by capturing EEG signals. The brainwave signals database\nwill be collected and analyze. This research work addresses these objectives and aims to present a strong case which will help\nmedical practitioners like psychiatrist, to treat patient by injecting music stimulus.


CTET - 2016