Conference: Creative Trends in Engineering and Technology
Author(s): Shruthi. B. N, Hemalath. J. N Year: 2016
Grenze ID: 02.CTET.2016.1.22 Page: 49-55


The history of Dual input DC-DC converter for DC distribution system has the combination of various\nconverters which are the demand for wide range of power supplies. This paper aims at the design and development of\ndual input Cuk-Zeta converter for the hybrid power systems. The hybrid power systems can transfer energy to the load\nindividually or simultaneously from several renewable energy sources. The uses of DI-DC-DC Converters have the\nseveral advantages over the number of single input converters such as reducing the system complexity and cost\neffectiveness. For different input voltage sources, maintaining the output voltage constant by varying duty ratios of two\nswitches and also with variation of load. The proposed converter is also designed with PID feedback controller to control\nthe gating signal of switches such that maintaining the output voltage constant in variation of input voltage sources. The\nproposed converter is designed for maintaining the output voltage constant at 24V with high frequency of 10kH. It is\nsimulated in MatLab/Simulink. Efficiency is maintained in the range of 70%-85% with constant output voltage of 24V,\nripple voltage of 0.02V and ripple current of 0.0034A.


CTET - 2016